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Double Column Moving Beam Grinding Machines(FPG-DC series) FPG-60120 / 60160 / 60200 / 100160 / 100200 / 100240 / 100400 / 100480 / 120200 DC


  • X axis designed with big”V”slide way.
  • Compoumd two flat & one big V ( 一V一)longitudinal slide ways design for high straightness accuracy.
  • Smooth table movement.
  • Big V way design for minimizing heat deformation.
  • Graphic conversational operation system for easy CNC operation, high performance for surface and form grinding. Elevation with counter weigh balance design.
  • Concave/convex grinding function. (Workpiece with 0.06mm concave grinding)
  • Superior NN type double row cylindrical roller bearing design for maximum grinding performance.
  • Separated “BOX” type Double column and work table.
  • Whole series Modularized design.
  • Pro-E designed machine base, no S shape deformation.
  • Machine and base accuracy will not affected by the grinding heads movement.
  • Grinding vibration will not affect work table, thus, offer better surface finish and accuracy.
  • Square type double column design, provides highest rigidity.
  • Ground beam design, accuracy will not be affected by the moving heads.


  • SMART Control and Moving Beam Type
  • Table Size (W x L): up to 3,000 x 13,000mm (118″ x 512″)
  • Max. Table Load: up to 80,000kg (176,000 lbs.)
  • Spindle Speed: 2,000rpm
  • Horizontal Head: 40HP Vertical Head: 20HP
  • Total Rated Power: 15HP to 110HP


  • Electromagnetic chuck(with chuck control).
  • Table mounted grinding wheel dresser(without diamond disc).
  • Automatic paper filter type coolant system with magnetic separator & chiller.
  • Dynamic wheel balancing system.
  • Anti-crash protection device for spindle.
  • Y,Z,V,W,A axis digital read out system.
  • Wheel balancing stand.
  • Extra wheel flange.
  • Grinding wheel dresser for horizontal spindle(mounted under beam & positioned by air cylinder).
  • (Please refer to the drawing on the right hand side).